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Come to Performance Chevrolet in Elkins, WV for Chevy Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Driving your Chevy should be a smooth, comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience. While this is usually the case, misaligned wheels can cause your drive to become more dangerous and less comfortable. If your Chevy needs a two-wheel alignment service, we will be glad to help at Performance Chevrolet, serving Beverly and Coalton, West Virginia. Find out more about two-wheel alignment here, and then schedule your appointment.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

When your Chevy first rolled off the assembly line, its camber, caster, and toe angles were precisely set. Camber measures the inward or outward tilt of your wheels when viewed from the front or rear, while toe refers to the angle of the wheels when viewed from above or below. Caster refers to the difference between the steering angle and the vertical. As you drive, the small bumps and jolts of the road can knock all three of these angles out of alignment. This process may happen even faster if you drive over potholes, curbs, or other large jolts.

How To Know If Your Wheels Are Improperly Aligned

Sometimes, wheels that are not in proper alignment will produce symptoms like:

  • Pulling to one side or the other as you drive down a straightaway, requiring constant correction;
  • A steering wheel that sits crooked;
  • Squealing wheels;
  • Uneven and premature tire wear.

However, the wheels can still be misaligned without showing these symptoms. Because of this, we recommend getting a regular alignment inspection service at Performance Chevrolet.

Two-Wheel Alignment vs Four-Wheel Alignment

In general, vehicles with two-wheel drive need two-wheel alignment, while vehicles with all-wheel drive or four-wheel-drive require four-wheel alignment. However, there is one notable exception: if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle with a solid rear axle, chances are it will only need two-wheel alignment.

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As your local Chevy service center, Performance Chevrolet will be glad to perform this service for you. Our technicians will check the camber, caster, and toe angles, making precise adjustments if necessary. When the time comes to make this service appointment, trust the expert technicians at Performance Chevrolet. To schedule your appointment, give us a call or use our convenient online service scheduler to find a day and time that work best for you. Then, visit Performance Chevrolet. We look forward to helping you keep your Chevy at its best for years to come!

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