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No matter how many cutting-edge features your Chevy model comes with, none are more important than the brakes. Regular brake inspections are a vital part of keeping your brakes in good shape, and one of the more common things that those inspections will show is that your front brake pads need to be replaced. When your Chevy needs front brake pad replacement, head to Performance Chevrolet to find out why drivers from Beverly, Coalton, and beyond choose us.

What Do the Brake Pads Do?

Most modern vehicles are equipped with disc brakes, and brake pads are part of the disc braking system. When you step on the brake pedal, you cause brake calipers to squeeze together. The brake pads are attached to the calipers, and they press against the brake rotors to bring your vehicle to a stop. The brake pads are made of two main components: a metal backing that attaches to the calipers and a sofer lining that presses against the rotors. The lining is softer so that it won't cause friction damage; as a result, it wears out sooner than the rotors.

Do Front Brake Pads Wear Out Faster than Rear Brake Pads?

In general, front brake pads do wear out faster than rear brake pads. Think of it this way: when you bring your Chevy to a stop, the weight in your vehicle shifts forwards. This puts a lot more pressure on the front brake pads since they have to deal with much more weight. As a result, you can expect to replace your front brake pads more often than the rear ones.

How Often Will I Need To Have the Front Brake Pads Replaced?

Unlike many services, there's no hard and fast mileage interval for front brake pad replacement. Much of it depends on how you brake: if you come to a lot of fast stops, you'll have to have your brake pads replaced much more often than if you slow down to a gentle stop. This is why brake system inspection is so vital. When you bring your Chevy to the Performance Chevrolet service center for a brake system inspection, our technicians will inspect the brake pad lining thickness. They will be able to tell if the brake pads need replacement or if they're in good shape.

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When you're ready to have your brake pads replaced, stop by our state-of-the-art facility! We offer online service scheduling, as well as service coupons to help you save more. We look forward to seeing you at Performance Chevrolet.

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